Nissan hardbody sputtering

Rough idle, misfire at low speed, high fuel consumption and rich fuel odor, new NGK plugs, new wires, cap and rotor, exhaust coil assembly disconnected due to igniter failure but was driven like that for months before this problem arose. Some days it seems to be fine, then it starts all over again. Also has new engine temperature sensor.

GuruWP2XS answered about a year ago. Rough idle, misfire at low speed, high fuel consumption and rich fuel odor, new NGK plugs, new wires, cap and rotor, exhaust coil assembly disconnected due to igniter failure but was driven like th Stock Nissan D21 2.

I changed the head gasket now the came gear wont go back on. How do you lossen up timing chain tensioner to get cam gear back on. Can I put a Nissan pickup truck motor in a Nissan Nissan pickup truck would it be compatible. My son just got a Nissan pickup that runs but sounds like a mad lawnmower and it has no power. In the process of putting in new wires we found that it sounds great and has all its power back. I have a nissan pickup with a 2. I've been have problems for a while and up to now i've replaced the fuel filter, checked the fuel pump, replaced spark plugs, spark plug wires, a Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. Rough running Nissan D21, 2. Report Follow. Mark helpful. Your Answer:.

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Upload Photo Photo optional. Related Questions. Start a new Nissan Pickup question. Search Nissan Pickup Questions. Nissan Pickup Experts. Find great deals from top-rated dealers TM Search.My Nissan Murano died while idling and sputtered and jumped at low speeds. It accelerated very slow. It ran fine once it reached around mph.

nissan hardbody sputtering

Was pretty sure it wasn't the cvt transmission since I was having trouble while idling. It was the beginning of the weekend, so I couldn't get it to the dealership until Monday. I thought I was probably having fuel system problems. Thank you so much!!!! This is a very common issue with the Nissan Murano. I'm an ASE certified technician at a local Nissan dealership, and the sputtering is almost always caused by a loose clamp on the intake piping.

If your vehicle starts sputtering, wiggle the plastic piping between the air filter and throttle body the metal piece where the piping ends. If any of those clamps are loose, tighten them. It will either take a flat-head screwdriver or a 10mm wrench. The problem will return in the future because of Nissan's design of the clamps, but it's a quick and easy fix.

nissan hardbody sputtering

I don't even charge my customers for this repair. I have taken the car back to the dealership three times and they cannot find the problem. They worked with a boot that was lose the first time. The second time they clamped the boot; and the third time they glued the boot!!!!

They problem still exists. I have no idea of how to resolve this problem. Well, I will agree, that Nissan's Customer Service I have been suspecting problems with the acceleration of our Muranofor quite a while now.

Now, after just filling up tonight, on 93 octane gas as usualI hit the gas, not too aggressively, and the frickin' pile, was sputtering, and jumpin' all over the place. My Wife and I, are ready to go trade this thing in on a Toyota Our is paid for, That;s the problem, we paid cash for it. So, we will take a pretty good "hit", on any trade-in. Oh well, goodluck with your pile of a Nissan.

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2006 Nissan Hardbody sputter

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Please verify any information in question with a sales representative.I wouldn't think it was a relay since it does start, nor the fuel filter since it just started doing this all of the sudden. I have access to a fuel pressure tester, but will I have to drop the tank to access the pump.

Your TPS is shot. When the TPS goes out, The car will start,and idle good,as soon as you touch the gas pedal,it stutters,or dies. Replace it,and happy motoring!! Could you give me an idea on where it's located, how hard it is to replaced, and is there a way to test it or bypass it to verify it's defective.

It is located on the side of the throttle body. The little black box,with a plug,consisting of wires. One other thing to check,is your mass air flow sensor.

It"s located on the top of the throttle body You really need a manual,for testing procedures. No its in the side of the frame on mine below fuel filter I'm buying another pump an to add to it if the fuel is a year old or close or even older in may have old gas it don't ignite once it gets so old it want usually run right either I replaced filter and fuel Ines I'm pickick up the electric fuel pump tomorrow mine is an 86 or 87 but their mointed on the passenger side right behind the cap under filter 10 mm bolts.

Thomas answered about a month ago. I have access to a fuel pressure tester, but will I have to drop the tank I have an 87 D21 Nissan truck it will start and run but just a second then stop firing you can leave it over night and it will crank again.

I have changed the coil got the same thing. I checked the vo I can get up in the morning and go to work and not stop anywhere and when you cut it off, it will not crank, until it get's cold. I have had the motor rebuild, relay switch, clutch, new battery and s CarGurus has 1 nationwide Pickup listings and the tools to find you a great deal.

Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.There are certain things you expect from a car, and there are certain things you do not. If this sounds like your car, here are the top 4 reasons your Nissan might be shaking. Easily one of the more terrifying things to happen at highway speeds is an engine shutter. You very well might be right.

If the issue is at startup, you might check your spark plugs, air filters or suspect the starter is going. Wheel Axle When you take a dive over a curb, it may not feel like a big deal, but you could bend your front axle.

nissan hardbody sputtering

Hear a screeching noise? That means your brake pads are dangerously thin. Wheel Alignment If your vehicle is pulling to one side or the other, you can once again guess what the problem is. Tires that are wobbling will obviously cause a bit of shaking in your seat, and uneven tread can have a similar result. The best way to diagnose your vehicle is to bring it to our service center for an inspection.

Until then, be sure to check back here at the Glendale Nissan Blog for other service tips. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. I have a Nissan Murano xxx miles. It started to vibrate when I accelerate. Same, I have a Nissan murano, It shakes pretty agressivley whenever i accelerate.

Its an on and off thing. Sometimes when the engine gets warmed up it shakes at idle but goes away and comes back.

And while im driving it goes from normal smooth driving to shaky. I thinking its the spark plugs but im not sure. Ill be replacing them tomorrow hopefully thats it.

Also take a close look at the heat shield on your catalytic converter. When those come lose they can create major vibrations in your engine. Simple solution is a 1 foot rubber clamp that you can buy at any auto parts store that is specific to your year and model converter. First thought CVT but just had the transmission replace less than miles prior. Second control arms and CVS both Driver and passenger. Next drive shaft from transmission to rear. Car has over so I discord red it and drove and the vibration went away.

Purchase the who. My nissan maxims shakes, i have change the ignition coil packs, motor mounts and it still shakes. Does anyone know what it could be?I purchased a Nissan I'm trying to find valances for front, side and rear.

Anyone have any information or do I have to make them myself. I have a Dale Jr. Theme going. I have had my I recently read about a Nissan that sputtered if you pressed the gas too hard. Mine had the same problem and it resulted in me replacing the plugs, wires, and both fuel filters. I later found out that it was one of the coils. When I replaced it the sputtering stopped. So replace your coils and see if that helps. I just purchased an 86 Nissan and it is great! It has miles and it runs like a top.

"nissan 20hardbody 20stripping 20for 20spares" in Gauteng

You must have got a lemon. I love my Nissan to death and will never sell it. I got it for only dollars too!!

nissan hardbody sputtering

It starts everytime and gets me where i want to go. I love this truck. Nissan for life. I have an '86 Nissan hardbody and desperately need a speedometer cable. It runs great, but I need to keep in the speedlimit.FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Whats your diagnosis? Car works for 1 day, woo hoo, and then starts with the same again. Change out fuel filter again thinking maybe I got a rusty gas tank Old filter is fine, nice clean fuel inside - no change Today, I am going to change the spark-plugs.

Other things: Exhaust smells slightly rich perhaps, exhaust seems typical I added injector cleaner crap awhile back after the problem and have run engine much since No engine code If the spark-plugs don't work.

What do you think it might be? First thing to check is your ignition module The link is just from a quick google search.

It's an answer for a model, but the checklist here is another good place to start: vacuum leak, fuel pump weakness, etc. Old-car repair tip; if you change the rotor, distributor or spark plugs, then you change all three.

This sounds like my ford ranger when it needed a new fuel pump.

Nissan pickup truck throttle body problems

I'd be tempted to say fuel pump too. Running with a clogged filter often screws up the pump because of the extra load of forcing fuel past the restriction. There should be some checks you can find online and do for fuel pump strength, but they usually allow you to check flow rate or pressure.

Not the two together, which can often be where the issue lies.

Rough running 1986 Nissan D21, 2.4 z engine.

Also, change the spark plug leads at the same time. It's rarely money wasted. Have someone sit in the backseat and see if they can hear the fuel pump acting funny while you drive.

Could it be a Mass Airflow Sensor? I had a similar problem with a Nissan Maxima, and the exhaust smelled like unburnt gasoline. I can't remember if the check engine light was on at the time, though. This gives me some new leads. The better place to ask this question would a Nissan Sentra forum, such as Troubleshooting section of AllSentra.

I have no experience with that particular forum, but I've gotten great advice from a similar forum for my Hyundai Elantra. Another possibility is bad gas. It's not common, but gas turns into varnish as it oxidizes, and maybe what you pumped had been sitting neglected in the underground gas tank. If this problem started multiple fill-ups ago, from different gas stations, then you can rule this out. But if it started after your most recent fill, then consider trying to gas-up at a different station.

But I do like the fuel filter for this. I had a '94 Altima SE [purchased in ] which racked up almostbefore I sold it. I did all the work myself. Offhand I'd guess you need a distributor. There's a sensor built into it which goes bad and that you cannot change without replacing the entire distributor.

I replaced mine twice. The 2nd one came from a salvage yard. Just replaced the distributor on my Acura for the same reason.

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